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Wel­come to MTTR

We’re not about what’s going on, we’re about understanding why it’s going on.

We’re not news, but human curated content on the most important issues of our time, brought to you by passionate experts and leading figures.

The goal is to better understand the issues keeping us apart through collective sense-making, guided discovery, and open-minded discussion. We’re building a new kind of community for people seeking signal in the noise.

Please make sense

A sin­gu­lar place for mak­ing sense of the world.

Instead of fifty open tabs, countless subscriptions, newsletters, Substacks, Subreddits, group chats, and Twitter threads, MTTR is that singular place for making sense of the world, collectively, and participating in productive discourse.

Einstein had a theory, so do we

Our the­o­ry of change

MTTR doesn’t accept advertising dollars, so it will never be beholden to corporate interests. Our community consists of members and curious visitors who want to better understand the world and one another.

Our theory of change is that once we bridge the gap by learning to better understand each other, we can realign media and technology with good old human values to be a force for collaboration, improvement, and advancement.

Our Beliefs Our Beliefs Our Beliefs

fear less

BE fear­less

You have to “Go There” to get somewhere better

It’s hard and scary to ask questions, share our point of view, leave our echo chambers, explore other perspectives. We fear getting attacked or canceled or isolated. But now more than ever we have to be fearless, and willing to do these things to gain a better understanding of the issues pulling us apart, and one another. We don’t bully or shame; we stand apart from the bully and the mob; we seek to understand other voices. Sometimes we agree to disagree, but we do it with respect. We’re willing to go to the tension of an issue in order to listen, learn and grow from the experience.



It’s not what you know, it’s how much you want to know.

There are folks trying to win, dominate, be the loudest voice. Then there’s everyone else. That’s who MTTR is for. The MTTR community seeks things out, ever-curious, by reading and curating eye-opening content, or talking with eye-opening people. Because it’s not what you know, it’s how much you want to know. We’re not for everyone. We’re for everyone else.

Be a weirdo


The gray area is a colorful place.

We’re not afraid of different. We don’t run away from different. We embrace different. We want to leverage different. Our differences make us stronger, and our platform and community better. We want a diversity of people, perspectives, and viewpoints. It’s not so black and white out there. The gray area is a colorful place. So let’s run at different, foster healthy discourse, and repair the divide that is so often manufactured.

Be with us

make it

Everything we do has to matter.

Our media, in its many forms, is broken. We are overwhelmed and underserved. The antidote isn’t more of anything — more news, noise or distractions — but focusing only on the things that matter. Whatever we’re making, building, working on, we have to start asking ourselves, ‘will it matter?’ If the answer is ‘not really’, then we have to rethink our goals. If the answer is ‘yes’, then we have to pour all our energy into making it happen. MTTR matters because its mission is to solve polarization, bring different people together under one brand, repair discourse, and realign media and technology with human values.